The partying scenes in India have changed a lot over the years. From the times when girls stayed at home, going out only when required accompanied by family members strictly, to the modern day clubbing. What started off as tea parties, slowly graduated to the modern day pub culture. Let’s just observe the change at... Continue Reading →


It’s been just a few days since the judgment had been passed and I honestly don’t even remember being so grateful before. Freedom has never seemed so blessed. The weight lifted off shoulders; it’s all such a pretty welcome sight. The freedom-to hold his hand, proudly in my hand and move along the way without... Continue Reading →

Misconceptions About Dance Clubs

With dancing being too mainstream, number of people hitting dance clubs have witnessed a rapid increase. This brings along new experiences and fresh moments. We sum down for you a few misconceptions about dance clubs. 1. The Talkative DJ. No, they are not at all interested in talking to you, a bunch of drunk people.... Continue Reading →

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